From Daily Candy:

Romancing the Stoned

Should it be legal or illegal? Is it harmful or medicinal? Is it best in a joint or blended into a sponge cake?

Who cares?

There’s a far simpler way to get stoned: become acquainted with Jill Briggs’s eponymous line of jewellery. Her pieces are made with a selection of semiprecious rocks such as coral, amazonite, river stone, rose quartz, turquoise and onyx.

Choose from chunky bracelets with hanging charms, candy-coloured stones on leather thongs, shell and coral pendants, drop earrings and multi-stoned bag charms and keyrings. Personalised items can also be made to order in any way you fancy; simply discuss what you want with the fabulous Briggs. She’ll source it and make it up for you.

These pieces cost a wee bit (from around £50) but not a fortune, which means they’re ideal for hippies and travellers who want to look chic on holiday.

And they won’t give you the munchies.

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